Anastasiya fell in love with Nexus because of her passion for financial and information freedom, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. She graduated Drexel University with a business and economics degree and has spent her life seeking truth and efficiency in all aspects of reality. She is the oldest of four children and has always believed that self-education at a young age is paramount for future success. Being a part of the young blockchain industry has reminded her how important computer skills are for the next generation and she wants to offer kids the tools needed to excel in this new future.

Dionna Bailey has served as an ambassador for the Nexus technology and vision and is a huge cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. This Army Medic Veteran recently retired from the military after serving 18 years and four combat tours, one in which she was awarded a bronze star. She is an expert in government contracts and international relations. Her marketing experience includes the Medical Public Relations 4th Infantry Division Surgeon’s Office and the Wounded Warrior Transition Battalion, acting as Director of Marketing and Sales for GM Bailey Construction, and President of DB Group, Inc Sports Marketing and Management where she still works with some of the most elite athletes in their sport.

Together, these ladies have teamed up to bring technology to our kids. Through a use of volunteers and many already established programs, they are bringing computer coding to children who want to learn, but may not have the means to make it happen. Nexus Kids was created to give opportunity to all children.  

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Nexus Kids is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Educational Assistance Organization helping kids access technology, take classes, learn skills, attend camps, and obtain certifications regardless of race, gender, or social economic status.